Friday, June 8, 2018

Fabric Friday and other stuff

Fabric post is the best. I ordered this lot in the sale at Adam Ross Fabrics, there is 16m here and it cost me in the region of £35. 40% off! Ridiculous really, would have been really rude to not order anything at all.  This is not merely stash though, all of this has ideas and plans attached.

When I can't use my sewing machine (read - when my toddler is awake) I try and knit things.  Now, I am not a good knitter, nor am I a quick knitter, but I do enjoy making things for my children.  I am making a jumper for my daughter who is 15 so it's actually my first adult size knit.

It is acrylic (cuz kids), it's Stylecraft special aran in 'storm blue'. Lovely colour and is knitting up to be quite soft.

I'm trying to learn how to knit pretty socks too because I feel like what's the point in spending the time to make something you could buy for a pound in Primark if it's not awesome at the end. So I dove right into the deep end with this lovely pattern.  However, right after I took a picture I figured out that I had started horribly wrong and had to unravel the whole thing. Then I unraveled another, and another.  So my socks aren't going too well right now.

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