Monday, June 11, 2018

Minecraft Trousers

My eldest son (6) needed a new pair of trousers and is completely obsessed with Minecraft. This fabric was a fabulous ebay find!  It's a fairly heavy drill fabric that I was hoping I would be able to make up into either this Oliver+S pattern or this Burda pattern.  In the end my drawstring was not going to arrive on time to make the Burda pair an option right now so the 'Field Trip cargo pants' pattern it was!

I traced the pattern off as I want to be able to use it in other sizes as needed and managed to fit the pattern onto less than a metre of fabric, so I have enough left over to make him a new PE bag for school as well.

I think they came out great, even considering that some of the finishing is a bit - well, meh - if I'm honest, ultimately the fabric was too thick despite it's awesome-ness.  At one point I counted at least 6 layers of the stuff... my machine is going to be telling me off.

So I ended up with a definite winter weight pair of Minecraft cargo trousers and my Son likes them - bonus!

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