Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sewing With a Kind of Plan

I have entered the wardrobing competition at The Sewing Place, and now that I'm back from my hols (thank you Cornwall!) I'm ready to make a start.  I'm hoping that it will give me a push along in getting things done and keep my procrastination tendencies at bay as well as hopefully ending up with several garments that I can actually wear.

The rules; 3 groups, one wildcard, 10 garments in total and to look like a collection that was intended to work together from the get go.  There's more to it than that obviously, but I'm trying to keep it simple for now.

Group 1

Denim or Corduroy jacket.
Maxi Dress (had already planned M7526 so I'm rolling with it and the fabric is currently in the washing machine)
A second summer dress to work with the jacket, possibly B6168 in a stripe.

Group 2

Coloured denim jeans, because I love them and I've never made any.  Thinking Closet Case Ginger Jeans at the minute.
Datura Tops, because I love them too and they are easy to make up and don't require a lot of fabric.

A brushed cotton shirt, I really like Deer and Doe's Bruyere Shirt but unfortunately they don't do any plus sizes in it :(  

There's a similar burda pattern but I think I might go with this Lisette pattern purely because I already have it in my stash.  Plus after thinking about it, a fitted waist when I want it to use as a light jacket/cover up probably will annoy me.

Group 3

This is what I refer to as my 'posh' clothes. I don't own much dressy stuff as I am a stay-at-home mom with young children and I never go anywhere (Can you hear the tiny violins?)  But my Grandma has her 90th birthday party coming up in the autumn and it's apparently going to be quite a 'do' so I would like to make something that will be suitable for that. 

At first I thought - JUMPSUIT! But, to be honest I think they are massively impractical so I want to fake one out of separates. See I like this burda style jumpsuit, but I think I would prefer a wider leg overall.  

So then I thought that culottes and a wrap top would be the way to go, if I use the same fabric it will basically look like that jumpsuit but with wider legs. So that brings this Mimi G pattern into the mix, tempted to add that big tie though.  And I quite like the little jacket too.

For my wildcard entry I think I would like to tackle something knitted for myself.  I fancy a big oversized snuggly cardigan, I just finished up my daughters jumper today so I need to make a decision here and quickly - I like knitting because I can do it whilst supervising the smaller ones and I have nothing on the go!  I feel like a fish out of water! 

Colours, currently thinking mustard/navy/emerald green but honestly that may change if I see the perfect fabric for something.

I will hopefully be starting my maxi dress this week, right after panic buying wool.

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