Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summer Maxi Dress Ideas

Lately I have been binge watching the BBC's 'Death in Paradise', it's easy TV with a bit of a whodunnit, a bit of comedy and beautiful Caribbean scenery.  Whats not to like?  I'm also a bit in love with Catherine.  She owns a bar, she doesn't take any rubbish from anyone and she always looks phenomenal.  I know she is a fictional character, but her dress sense is right up my alley.

I was mooching around instagram as you do and came upon one of McCalls 'sew the look' posts.

And I was really interested in turning M7624 into something closer to the picture on the right, but also in my style.  Something that Catherine would wear! I like the 3/4 narrow sleeve, I love all those little buttons running down the front.

So I'm thinking, view B, but with shorter sleeves and I sort of like the peek a boo shoulders there.  I'll need to line behind the chiffon and I like the idea of diagonal stripes to make up the button band. Not sure whether to use the darker stripes or the lighter stripes yet - I don't mind clashing textures and colours.

This is going to be my next 'big' project since I expect it to involve a fair amount of work and I'm pretty sure I need to buy a rolled hem presser foot for my machine first.. I have a pair of trousers to make for my son before I can get started.

Part of me thinks this is sort of a bad idea, but I really want the dress ><

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