Sunday, July 1, 2018

It's Hot Outside

Todays progress has been slow.  I have my sewing stuff set up in the dining room which is south facing with a huge window.  Usually it's lovely.. but in the mad sunshine today it has been a giant greenhouse.  I want to finish my dress but I also don't want to melt!

I have decided to modify the sleeves a little.  The cut out shoulder is supposed to end with an elasticated band at elbow length and maybe it's the hot weather but I really don't fancy having fabric all gathered up tight around me there anymore.  So at the end of the cold shoulder cut out I have popped a little button and left the rest of the seam open to flow in the draft from the traffic sea breeze and no elastic.

You can see in the photo that any hems are not looking great.  I blame my lack of skills, and lack of an overlocker.

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