Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Birthday surprises!

It was my birthday last week and I'm happy to say I received a few nice sewing things, so I thought I would share!

A new (to me) overlocker!  Yay!  Now I can wave good bye to raw edges forever and ever.  This picture was taken during a project - I threaded it myself and felt pretty smug about it.  Going to spend some time collecting different colours of thread.

A copy of the Harriet Bra pattern by Cloth habit, which I am currently excitedly assembling all the bits and bobs for.. After all, if I can figure out bras, I will never have to buy anything from a clothes shop again.

A copy of the book about the 1718 coverlet that I saw at the Festival Of Quilts this year.  The fabrics here are all pulled from my stash and I like the jewel-tones that are emerging.  I finally have a project to use my little pile of Oakshott cottons on!  I think I need some stripes though.  Super excited about starting this one, shan't lie!

Last but definitely not least, some custom tags.  My sister in law drew a little caricature of me and she and my brother had them made up - they are awesome!  It says 'Hand made from Beth' then on the back says its 'made from 100% free range Beth' and the care instructions are 'Eh, throw it in with the rest of the load'  They know me so well :)

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