Saturday, September 15, 2018

Quilt top all done

It's my birthday next week.  I was hoping to get this top all done in time so that I could start other things as my gifts are usually new fabrics, and I am amazed to say that thanks to a big push at the last of those clam shells - I did it!

I didn't have enough space inside to take pictures of it, so I took a couple while it was all squooshed (that's a real word!) up waiting to be pressed.

 It looks so cosy.

Then I managed to get it outside with small helpers... It measures about 55"x 58".  A bit on the small side maybe, but it's big enough to cover me :P

I was concerned with the mitred corners on the clam shell border as they don't match in any way at all, probably because it's a rectangle and duh- maths.  But as I look at it now, they just don't bother me - it adds to the busy-ness of it all and I love it.  The plan now is to hand quilt it over the winter in the evenings, just need to motivate myself to do that pesky basting stuff, oh and choose a backing. 


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