Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The End of Summer Report.

The elder children have returned to school after a long summer. Hopefully I will start finding a little more time to sew now.  I did finish the boys much needed winter knitting just in time for this colder weather.

The jumper is a pattern by Stylecraft knitted up in Stylecraft Wondersoft and James C Brett Stonewash DK.  I like the subtle striping that came out of mixing up a solid and a non solid colour, I will probably do that again.  The hat is just 2x2 rib in leftover aran weight yarns, it sports a massive 10cm bobble that I made with a proper pompom maker instead of the old fashioned cut-a-couple-of-rings-out-of-cereal-boxes method that my Nan taught me.  I have to say, the pompom maker is loads better than my old method (sorry Nan).  I like how they came out and the boys like being warm, so everyone is happy.

Clam shells continue.. 

I have almost completed 3 of the 4 sides now.  I have about 3 clam shells left to sew onto the 3rd side - it's slow going but I am really enjoying the mindfulness of it.  In fact I have enjoyed the handwork so much that I am going to quilt it by hand too.  Now I know I said I wouldn't buy new stuff but I have never done it before and had to spend the last week or so acquiring the bits and bobs to do it with.  That doesn't count right? Because it's for an ongoing project? Right? Right.

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